Helsinki Testbed Viewer 2.0

Helsinki Testbed Viewer 2.0 is an Android application which shows weather maps from the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) website Helsinki Testbed. With the application, you can, for example, view the real-time rain radar or current wind speed and direction. The maps cover the Southern Finland.

Main screen of the application Rain and temperature view from the application Wind view from the application Settings view from the application

The application supports displaying the following weather maps:

The application also supports displaying the user's current location (coarse location based on the Cellular network or GPS) and the selected municipalities on top of the map.

This application is a private project and not developed by the FMI. All map images are downloaded from the Helsinki Testbed website which is copyrighted by the Helsinki Testbed project.


The latest stable version of this application can be downloaded to an Android phone from the application website in Google Play. Get it on Google Play

Old applications versions

Old versions of the application which can no longer be found from the Google Play store can be downloaded as APK packages from the application GitHub page. Since these are old versions of the applications, there is no guarantee that they no longer work. Use them only if you have so old phone that the latest version does not work at all.


The sources are available in GitHub repository helsinki-testbed2-android.


You can contact the author using the contact information defined in the application website in Google Play.